Google Inbox – Que significa para los Email Marketers

Google Inbox – Que significa para los Email Marketers

En este artículo de la gente de Clic-Z , uno puede entender un poco más lo que significarán los nuevos cambios que trae Google para el manejo del correo electrónico. Para nosotros que creemos que el Gmail for Work para las pymes se va a convertir en herramienta indispensable, y que por el otro lado, sabiendo que somos proveedores de soluciones de email marketing,  leimos el artículo con mucho interés, pues saben de lo que están hablando, en términos generales, puedo resaltar las siguientes conclusiones:

1. Gmail for Work es una gran solución de correo.
2. Email Marketing cada vez mas especializado.
3. Quizás la muerte del Spam y de los spammers con cara de Email Marketers

El artículo completo se puede leer [aquí], el contenido está en ingles,    "...

Google is a company that thrives on innovation and it has brought that energy and spirit to the email channel over the last few years, helping shake up the industry that just wont change (see, I didn't say die there). Google seems to have double-downed on email, as it realizes it is the cornerstone of the consumer Internet experience.

The latest shake-up in the inbox is their latest product called Inbox (hey, no one said they are innovative product marketers). A provoking article about why Google wants to replace Gmail is a must-read as a companion piece to this article.

Speaking of this piece, I asked three heavy-hitters to let me know whether this latest curve ball was a blessing to email marketers and consumers or a terrifying change to tried-and-true experience of checking and reading your email.

Simms Jenkins (SJ): What is your impression of inbox? Major game changer to all who use and love email or cute enhancements that won't change many things on marketing or consumer side?

Ryan Phelan (RP): Since coming out last week, I've been playing with it as a consumer and as an email marketer. My initial impression was, "Oh man, change again.... I just got to love the new inbox from Gmail from the last time." I am really in love with that format as it helps me categorize my emails so they are easily digestible, but what I really loved is that they did it for me. Technology working to make my life easier. This is what Inbox is all about. What Google seems to have done this time is step it up a notch. They've done this on two levels. First, through the mobile device and second with organization in an unorganized world.

First, they've focused on mobile. You still have the same Gmail Web structure, but what you do in the Inbox app cascades to the emails in this box. So when you swipe a category away as completed (meaning you've read it), it vanishes from your tabbed experience. We all recognize in our own programs or clients that mobile viewership continues to increase - it's where we need to be thinking and it's where consumers are more and more accessible. Not only in how our emails work, but the time involved in consuming content. Marketers are continuing to look at optimization and that has to be a broad action in our programs.

SJ: Bundles and Highlights seem pretty cool for the end user? What do you think these mean for the email marketer?

Jay Jhun (JJ): With the introduction of the default Gmail Tabs of Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates, we watched as Gmail tried to be our personal assistant in organizing the clutter of our inbox. The Tabs, now dubbed "Bundles," are a little smarter and actually pretty helpful in sorting out your messages. For example, transactional emails that we like having handy (travel-related, purchase receipts, bank notifications) are sorted into Bundles named Travel, Purchases, and Finance.

If you have a significant segment of your customer base using an address, now might be a good time to invest in refining your transactional email creative (especially if you're a brand like a bank, hotel, airline, or e-tailer). The Promos, Updates, and Social bundles (aka the founding Tabs in Gmail) appear to be the prioritized in the default view and there is no mention of a "Primary" tab anymore..."

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