El Futuro del Email Marketing

El Futuro del Email Marketing

Este es un buen artículo de la gente de Envato Market que hace un primer análisis profundo sobre las nuevas tendencias en esta industria del marketing online. Lei el artículo con mucho interés, pues saben de lo que están hablando, en términos generales, puedo resaltar las siguientes conclusiones:

1. La calidad en el Diseño será fundamental.
2. Las plantillas para los mensajes deben ser Responsive Design
3. La gran influencia  de Gmail for Work en la industria (Google Inbox)
4. La segmentación de los usuarios
5. La implementación y sofisticación del email marketing

El artículo completo se puede leer [aquí], el contenido está en ingles, lo escribe Dan Bruce del equipo de Envato   "... From selling an event, a subscription, or a box of cookies, for nearly 15 years now, I’ve found that a personal and well timed email has almost always delivered me the best bang for my buck as a marketer.

The Inbox Is about to Get More Visual

At Envato Market, over 60% of our newsletters are opened in Gmail. Google are the king of email, so it’s worth watching their new trials closely. In recent years they’ve really pushed email marketers to send more targeted and tailored email content through the introduction of their promotions tab filter (effectively placing all marketing emails into one folder… And next, Google are about to make browsing their promotions tab even better. In March this year they announced the trial of Grid View. It’s currently opt-in only and turns your Gmail promotions tab into an eye-catching Pintrest-style wall. Grid View picks images from within emails and displays them as tiles.

Email Is Re-Invented with Google Inbox

Will Grid View ever roll out? It looks like many of Gmail’s innovations have been leading up to something bigger – the launch of an entirely new application called Google Inbox. I’ve only spent a few days using the app on Chrome and iOS. It appears to build on the tab concept introduced by Gmail and takes the idea of categories even further. It has also added a new series of features and workflows that have the potential to change the way people manage their email.

Builders and Marketing-on-the-Go Will Continue to Grow in Popularity and Sophistication

Whether the same can be said for email code, that remains to be seen. Sadly email design still needs to support dozens of platform/email clients from AOL to Microsoft Outlook. Thankfully, there are an increasing amount of tools that make it easy to build bulletproof, custom email templates. Many template authors on ThemeForest, like promail, now offer access to powerful template builders, included in the price of the template.

Despite being the veteran of digital channels, email continues to evolve and adapt to keep pace with modern marketing. Whether you’re reading your next edition of Envato Market News on a desktop, mobile or watch, it’s going to be an exciting year ahead. What are your predictions for email marketing and email design?... "




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